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Baked Oatmeal Bars

Well, it’s the weekend before finals are due, which means not showering until late afternoon (maybe), lots of green tea, and not leaving my apartment.

Because I’m a lot better at procrastinating than I am at actually working on my final assignments, I decided to whip up something to eat before I got any work done. I wasn’t super hungry, but I saw a recipe online for a healthy baked oatmeal dish and decided to give it a shot. It sounded quick, simple, and it was something I can easily store and eat the rest of later.

There wasn’t a picture attached to the recipe, so I wasn’t entirely sure what I would be making. Basically, I ended up with an almost cake-like bar. The serving size isn’t particularly big, but it was enough to fill me up. These would be a good snack in between meals, if you’re making this as a breakfast you might want to cut your bars bigger.

I decided to add some dried apricots to mine because dried apricots are delicious. I know, they sound like they’d be kinda gross, but they’re my latest obsession. The Trader Joe’s kind is my personal favorite. They also sell sulfite-free ones for those with an allergy.

These definitely aren’t very sweet or reminiscent of your typical granola bar. The cinnamon gives them a really nice flavor, and I found that the apricot pieces gave it the subtle sweetness I wanted. If you’d prefer a sweeter taste, you could add brown sugar, or stevia if you don’t want to add calories. These would also be good with raisins, dried cranberries, nuts, or apple slices added.

Adapted from this recipe.
1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce
2 egg whites
1/2 cup liquid egg substitute
1 tbsp cinnamon
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
dash of nutmeg and cloves
1 tsp vanilla
3 cup dry old fashioned oats
1 cup light soy milk (I used Silk Light Original, you could use vanilla flavored for added sweetness)
6 dried slab apricots, chopped into small pieces

Preheat oven to 350F. Spray a 9×9 baking dish or pan with non-stick spray. In a medium bowl, whisk applesauce with the eggs. Add cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, baking powder, salt, and vanilla. Add oatmeal and milk and mix well with a spoon.

Spread the batter into the pan and bake for 30-35 minutes.

Let cool and slice into 12 bars.

If you want a light dessert, the recipe suggested warming in microwave and topping with cool whip. It also claimed that these freeze well. I’m storing mine in the freezer, so we’ll see. Because they’re so soft, I don’t think they would travel very well (they were kind of crumbly when I was putting them into a container to store them).

NUTRITION INFO FOR 1 SERVING (calculated on SparkPeople, with ingredients as listed): 103 calories, 1.6g fat, 271.1mg sodium, 2.1g sugar, 4.9g protein, 15.9g carbohydrate 


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