Dining Out

Sunday Morning Sweets


I can’t remember the last time I had a cinnamon roll, to be honest. So when my friend suggested we grab breakfast at Skillet this morning, it was too good of an offer to pass up. Conveniently just a short walk away from my apartment in Capitol Hill, Skillet’s one of those places in Seattle that always sounds awesome but I can never bring myself to go to. Yeah, it’s good, but it isn’t the cheapest and when I’d gone before, it was always too crowded and noisy. Plus, they serve their beverages in mason jars, because, you know, they’re just so hip. But I am the first to admit that they cook up a mean breakfast. Deconstructed corned beef hash, chilaquiles, pancakes with fresh berry compote…the menu isn’t big, but you can’t go wrong. It’s comfort food, elevated. And the best thing about going on the weekend? The giant, very-shareable cinnamon rolls, available only on Saturdays and Sundays. For $6, you get an ooey-gooey roll smothered with just the right amount of frosting. You think Cinnabon cinnamon rolls are too big? Think again. Even half of one of these things was a lot…needless to say, it wasn’t too hard to finish my share, and it was well worth every calorie-laden bite. I ordered the special scramble of the day as well, which happened to have bacon, Swiss chard, and bleu cheese. It was good, but definitely not as good as the cinnamon roll. I mean, look at that thing.


After Skillet, I stopped at the Broadway Farmer’s Market. While it isn’t as big as some of the other farmers markets in Seattle, there are always more than enough booths offering awesome fresh produce, bread, soups, tamales, and other things I don’t really need to buy but always feel tempted to anyways. This visit, I picked up some jam from Camp Robber Jams (formerly known as Farmers Market Preserves). While all of the flavors I taste-tested were pretty delicious (especially the hibiscus and pear butter flavors), I was particularly impressed with the balsamic pear jam. It’s got a more “adult” flavor than your typical one-note sweet jams; the flavor’s perfect for pairing with a good cheese, or spread on a sandwich with chicken or turkey. Definitely looking forward to trying it out with different foods and using it in recipes.

20121202_105158Before I went back to my apartment, I stopped by the recently-remodeled Cafe Pettirosso to check out the new inside and grab some coffee. The remodel’s given the cafe a lot more space and light, and the menu looked promising. (I’ll definitely have to make it back some time to try the food!) My cappuccino was strong and just the way I like it, and the staff was incredibly welcoming and friendly. Despite still being stuffed from breakfast, I felt obliged to try one of the awesome looking pastries in the case, so I grabbed a ginger muffin to go. So. Good. I almost feel guilty for not going there more often; it’s so close to where I live!


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