Dining Out

Breakfast at Beth’s

Beth’s Cafe is a Seattle staple. It’s a 24-hour greasy spoon joint that’s been featured on t.v. a few times, thanks in part to their infamous 12-egg omelets. Located in the Green Lake neighborhood, it’s luckily only a short car drive away from my apartment, which makes it a go-to spot for when you really just want some good old fashioned diner breakfast food, served with some Seattle attitude.

Personally, my favorite part about Beth’s is the atmosphere. The walls are littered with drawings done by guests because they give you crayons and paper to draw with. I don’t know about you, but I find this to be a totally genius idea. The waitresses here are usually in all-black ensembles and have a sort of uninterested, unaffected air about them that is somehow oddly charming. I love it. Depending what time you come, there’s usually a hodgepodge of drunk kids and hungover grungy twenty-somethings filling up the well-worn booths.

To kick off 2013, my roommate and her boyfriend invited me to grab some breakfast this morning. After last night, a warm, somewhat greasy meal sounded awesome. Although a bunch of places are closed today, Beth’s is, of course, open, so we decided to go there.


Most of the stuff on Beth’s menu comes in a ridiculously large portion (omelets are 6 or 12 eggs only, and the breakfast burrito could feed three). Not wanting to completely gorge, I settled on the veggie scramble, which came with 2 scrambled eggs mixed with mushrooms, onion, tomato, and cheddar cheese– all on top of classic, crispy-yet-greasy hashbrowns.232323232fp437nu=3775>-3;>2-7>2866-3;398235ot1lsi

20130101_092921Instead of toast, I got the Amish Friendship Bread. Now, I don’t know about you, but I have never heard of Amish Friendship Bread outside of Beth’s. It’s a sweet, cinnamon-sugary loaf that’s a perfect complement to a savory breakfast plate. You can get a shareable size, or a piece for just yourself (although even the single serving is big, of course). I snuck a picture on my phone before finishing. It’s quite possibly my favorite item on the menu, right up there with their awesome cinnamon rolls. Just like the cinnamon rolls and blueberry muffins, it’s made fresh in-house.

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I’m gonna be honest…it isn’t the best breakfast in Seattle. It doesn’t even come close. Every time I come, I’m always reminded that really, it’s kind of pricey and sometimes mediocre food. Sure, some of the items really are awesome (like the pastries, milkshakes, and omelets) but most of the menu items aren’t going to blow you away. And yet, Beth’s is totally worth it. It’s an experience, and I can’t think of a better place to go for New Year’s day.

I can always start the healthy post-holiday eating tomorrow, right?


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