Party Planning

New Year’s Eve Party Recap!

Well, it’s officially 2013 and I am full from diner-food breakfast, courtesy of Beth’s Cafe.
Thought I’d share some of the pictures I took last night pre-guests of the apartment setup. Nothing super over-the-top, but thanks to the Dollar Store and after-Christmas clearance at stores, I was able to put together some decorations and a buffet setup that helped make the night more festive.

Our apartment isn’t super big, so we had the food all on the kitchen island. For easy cleanup, I was sure to cover it with a cheap silver tablecloth I got at Walmart…it looked like a hurricane ran through our apartment this morning, but it only took a bit of time to clean everything up and get it looking back to normal!


I used silver trays from the dollar store to serve the food on. I also labeled all the appetizers and dips, that way everyone knew what they were eating (and vegetarian guests wouldn’t accidentally grab something with meat in it).


For decorations in the living room area, I just hung up some streamers, garland, and made a few paper snowflakes.


I also tried to make this photo booth/wall thing, but it ended up falling down anyways šŸ˜›


I found some gold ornaments on clearance at Walmart, so I hung those up with fishing wire and made a sort of chandelier.




On the coffee table, I put out a few things for snacking, including the Chex Mix, some pretzels, and chocolate covered fruit.


We also did a small bar setup in the kitchen, where we had different fruit juices and a list of drink recipes.


And as promised, here are some food pictures.







Overall, it was a great evening with friends, and thanks to a lot of planning, it really wasn’t hard to put together. Everything was made beforehand, so I was able to heat up things instead of being in the kitchen the whole time. (Thankfully, there are no leftovers!)


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