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Confessions of a Part-Time Muffin Addict

Alright, so I have a serious problem.

I’m not sure I can even talk about this so candidly on here…

…Okay, here it goes…

*deep breath*
I’m an addict.

That’s right. I’m addicted to muffins.

Actually, I’ve only been addicted to them for about two weeks, but it’s been enough time for me to become fully aware of my problem.

It started with a bran muffin. I’d get one in the morning on the way to class at one of the spots on campus. Normally, bran muffins kinda gross me out, but the ones the school sells are deliciously moist and the best option out of the usual selection (usually the other ones have globs of what looks like cream cheese and streusel topping). Now, I’m no idiot– I am well aware that muffins aren’t even close to the healthiest option, but I like to trick myself into thinking the bran muffins sold on campus are somewhat healthy (they aren’t).

Then, I branched out a bit and tried muffins off campus. I like to do homework in coffee shops sometimes, so when I was at Cafe Petirosso in Capitol Hill, I decided to try their ginger muffin. DELICIOUS.

Since then, I’ve expanded my horizons to Revolutions Coffee & Espresso in Green Lake (I study there when I’m in the area on Tuesdays and Thursdays). They’ve usually got berry bran muffins and lemon poppyseed– I’ve tried both. To be honest, neither are spectacular, but I’m sure they’d be better if they were fresher. And clearly I like them enough to get them repeatedly.


And then, I tried the mother of all muffins this past weekend at Kaladi Bros. in First Hill. Oh my god. It was so good. It was called Morning Glory or something (I don’t know, it was too early to properly hear or read) and it had carrots and raisins (I think) and nuts and it was moist and rich and filling and sweet and OH MY GOD, it doesn’t sound too great I’m sure, but it is. It is SO GREAT. (Note: after looking online, I think they might be selling the Morning Glory muffins made by Macrina Bakery)

The thing is, Morning Glory muffin aside, muffins really aren’t that good. For the amount of calories and sugar, I could have just gotten a cookie or something. Sometimes I could have gotten two cookies, probably. A lot of times, they’re dry, and they’re almost always too big– I always tell myself I will only eat half, but then of course I end up eating the whole thing, goddamnit. With the amount of money it costs and the inevitable strain it puts on my waist, I should really just make muffins at home: a far healthier and cheaper option. Except I haven’t done it, because I tell myself muffins aren’t that good.

After the Morning Glory muffin this weekend, I told myself I needed to Muffin Detox. You know, that way I’d be ending on a high note and I could quit while still ahead.

I am ashamed to report that it is Tuesday and I have already crumbled with a berry bran muffin at Revolutions (the other pastries didn’t look as good, I was hungry!).  I can only hope that it was a temporary moment of weakness.

Since I’ve sampled my fair share of muffins in the area, here are some of my personal favorites you should try out. …In moderation, muffin addictions are hard to break…

1. Ginger muffin @ Cafe Petirosso (get it fresh)
2. Blueberry Muffin @ Beth’s Cafe
3. Morning Glory muffin @ Kaladi Bros. <–technically a Macrina Bakery muffin
4. Wholegrain Fruit Muffin @ Great Harvest

Here’s the best part, though. For those of you looking to go on a muffin overload, you can make Morning Glory muffins in your own home. Here’s Macrina’s recipe: http://www.cakespy.com/blog/2012/11/22/morning-glory-muffins-recipe-from-macrina-bakery.html


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