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Sautéed Jicama?

Alright, so I really like the taste of jicama. I’ve heard it called a cross between a potato and apple; it’s crunchy and slightly sweet. For those of you unfamiliar with jicama, it’s a root vegetable that’s sometimes referred to as a yambean, Mexican potato, or Mexican turnip. It’s bulbous and has a tough skin you remove before eating.

I’ve only bought it a few times, but usually I eat it either diced in a salad or cut into sticks and coated with a bit of chili powder and lime juice. But I’ve never tried cooked jicama, and to be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure it was possible/a good idea.

Nevertheless, I have some jicama I need to use up, so tonight for dinner I decided to give a shot at sautéing it with some other vegetables.

To prepare the jicama, I find the easiest way to remove the skin is to cut it off with a knife (a peeler doesn’t work very well). Usually, I then cut it into long strips, but for dinner tonight I diced it, so that it resembled more of a potato hash.

I paired the jicama with some red bell pepper, garlic, and sweet onion. The bell pepper and onion complement the sweetness of jicama nicely in cold dishes, and thankfully it worked well warm as well.

To add a bit more flavor, I added to the veggies a bit or turkey bacon and the last bit ( 😥 ) of my roasted red pepper harissa.

This made a great side to the rest of my dinner. The jicama stayed fairly crunchy, and I liked the texture with everything else. The slight sweetness of the vegetables also worked great with the bacon and spicy flavors.


Sautéed Jicama with Pepper, Onion, and Bacon (serves 1)
about 3/4 cup diced jicama
1/2 red bell pepper, diced
<1/4 cup chopped sweet onion
1 slice turkey bacon, cut into small pieces
about 1 tbsp roasted red pepper harissa (if you don’t have harissa, you could use a salsa, or even just chili/cayenne powder)
salt & pepper
cooking spray

Spray a pan on medium-high heat with cooking spray. Add jicama, pepper, and onion and cook 2-3 minutes. Add in bacon and season with salt & pepper. Cook another 3-5 minutes until bacon is cooked and veggies start to brown slightly. Stir in harissa and cook about a minute more.

Serve as a side dish with chicken, fish, or serve over rice and top with an egg.


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