Dining Out

Alright, so Glo’s is pretty delicious.

Beth’s, I love you. Really, I do. You give me crayons and paper and so much food I’m full from just looking at it. And Amish Friendship Bread, never forget the friendship bread. But…

I think I might be a Glo’s convert.


the coffeecake at Glo’s: a necessary shareable.

As much as it pains me to say, after much deliberation, I think I like the food better at Glo’s. Yeah, they’re both great. You really can’t go wrong at either place. But Glo’s has got this coffeecake that’s so good and they have waffles and eggs and huevos rancheros the size of a small infant and it’s all really good. I mean, the constant line outside (yes, even at 2:30 in the morning we had to wait for 20 minutes for a table for two) is a giveaway. And the smell. So. Delicious.


The Sonoran: four eggs scrambled, in a flour tortilla, with sour cream, avocado, cheddar, olives, jalapeños, green onions, & salsa ($10.95)


Eggs Californian: avocado, grilled tomato, two poached eggs on english muffins topped with hollandaise. served with hash browns ($13.45)

Of course, Beth’s still wins hands-down for atmosphere. The waitresses alone are reason enough for me to go there. (And the crayons and paper, as previously mentioned). But honestly, there have been times where I’ve eaten at Beth’s and left a bit unsatisfied with the food I just consumed; this has never been the case at Glo’s. (Yet?) And while Beth’s does offer lunch and dinner items alongside breakfast (unlike Glo’s, to my knowledge at least), I tend to prefer the breakfast options at Glo’s. Glo’s has got everything from huge scrambles and omelettes to healthier options like granola and fruit (not that I’ve ever gotten one of those healthier options, but still). When I go to Beth’s, it never takes me long to decide what to get; at Glo’s it takes me a solid ten minutes because it all sounds so darn good.

I dunno, I feel like a Beth’s traitor for this. I will continue to valiantly fight for the wonderful magic that is Beth’s cafe, regardless of my now-mixed feelings. But it needed to be said. Does this mean I will no longer be partaking in $5 milkshakes and unlimited hashbrowns? No.


Taken during my last trip to Beth’s a mere two days before: 6-egg western omelette and the veggie scramble @ Beth’s

But I might be trading in some of those milkshakes for some coffeecake at Glo’s. Assuming I can handle the minimum 20-minute wait, that is.


Best things to get at Beth’s:
Southwestern Exposure Omelette ($11.50)
Veggie Scramble ($8.95)
Cinnamon Roll ($4.75)
Amish Bread ($2.75)
Six-Fiddy Shake ($6.50)
Biscuits & Gravy ($5.50)

Best things to get at Glo’s:
Black Bean Omelette ($10.85)
Eggs Californian ($13.45)
Huevos Rancheros ($11.95)
Blueberry French Toast ($8.25)
Coffee Cake ($2.75?)

Beth’s Pros:
-open 24/7
-huge portions
-menu includes burgers/lunch & dinner options
-usually no wait
-great for groups
Beth’s Cons:
-farther distance
-kinda pricey (but portions are huge)
-sometimes “okay” food

Glo’s Pros:
-awesome food
-lots of vegetarian options (and even vegan!)
-wider variety of breakfast foods
-within walking distance
Glo’s Cons:
-usually a huge wait
-no milkshakes
-only breakfast
-small, bad/impossible for large groups


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