Dining Out

Fremont Sunday Market

One of the best parts about living in Seattle is the farmers markets. Especially when the weather is nice (like it was this weekend), walking around the market in Ballard, Capitol Hill, Fremont, or one of the other locations around Seattle is a great way to spend your day. I’m lucky enough to live pretty close to the Broadway market, but it’s not open year round, unlike the Fremont and Ballard locations. This past Sunday, I stopped by the Fremont market with a friend to get some food and check out all the vendors.

If you’ve never been to the Fremont market, it’s definitely worth checking out. It’s not as big as the flea markets I’m used to back in California, but there are a lot of cool finds, especially if you’re looking for vintage furniture and clothing, as well as materials for crafting. It tends to get pretty crowded, but it’s worth spending 20 minutes trying to find parking (which will almost definitely happen, there’s free parking on Sundays)


Last year, I went to the Mobile Food Rodeo spring event, which was a bunch of food trucks set up by the market. Seriously, so good. It was basically a dream come true for me. Normally, there’s about two food trucks parked at the market, and a few other food vendors. Typically, there’s a place that sells arepas, a falafel stand, Indian food, Thai street food, Mexican, and wood fired pizza.

I picked up a cream puff first at a stand that sold tarts, cream puffs and cookies. One was kind of expensive at $3, but it tasted delicious and I watched her fill it while I waited, so I knew it was fresh. There were a few flavor options for both the filling and shell; I went with Irish cream (in honor of St. Patrick’s Day) for the filling and got the almond-crusted shell.


For lunch, I tried the naan and chicken masala at the vendor selling Indian food. Naan was $3, and the chicken was $4; $7 seems steep for some bread and meat, but everything tends to be more expensive at farmers markets, and it was admittedly super yummy.


The market is open every Sunday from 10-5 (they close at 4 during the winter though, and some vendors leave before then).


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