Dining Out

Happy Hour Lunch @ Japonessa

Japonessa’s happy hour is one of the best happy hours in Seattle. Why? First of all, it’s a lot more than an hour. In fact, the majority of the time they’re open, it’s happy hour. Second, happy hour at a sushi place means paying sushi boat prices for quality sushi ($6 for a pretty large fancy roll that’s typically twice that price, and the quality isn’t sacrificed). When it isn’t happy hour, Japonessa is still good, but during happy hour, it’s awesome.

Today I grabbed lunch with a friend while downtown. We got there right as they opened at 11:30, so we were seated right away. It tends to get really busy during lunch, but we lucked out. And yes, it was happy hour.

Before, I’ve stuck with sushi and soup, but today I decided to go for something different. I went with the mini chirashi bowl, which was $13, and my usual cup of miso soup (only $1 during happy hour).



Despite its name, the chirashi was plenty of food. The sashimi included was a good assortment, and it was all really fresh. The pieces were nice and thick, too! I was a bit hesitant about getting the bowl because of the price and the “mini” in the name, but I’m glad I did and I would definitely order it again. The rolls at Japonessa are great too, but if you’re wanting something a bit lighter and simple, the chirashi bowl is a great way to go.

Happy hour at Japonessa goes from opening until 6:30, then 10pm until close. It gets pretty busy during typical meal times, so if you’re going then, call ahead and make a reservation.


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