Vegetarian / Weeknight Dinner

George Foreman Marinated Tofu

So for dinner tonight, I decided to get creative and make a stir-fry of sorts.

That was a joke, stir-frys are not very out-of-the-box.

But this time, I decided to grill my tofu. Fancy, right?

…and delicious.


First, I put together a marinade with some red curry paste, lime juice, liquid aminos, fish sauce, crushed garlic, rice vinegar, and a bit of water and almond milk. I know, the almond milk sounds weird, but I didn’t have any broth open, and I thought it might add a milder flavor to all the acidity.  I’m really good at plenty of different kinds of marinades, but I never seem to properly balance saltiness and sweetness in Asian marinades. I dunno, it makes no sense. (Spoiler alert: this marinade turned out a-ok, thankfully).


I cut up my tofu into small thin strips and put them in a ziploc with the marinade. Then, I let it sit in the fridge for about two hours.


When I was ready to eat dinner, I took out the tofu and turned on my George Foreman. Meanwhile, I dug through my fridge and freezer for veggies. I went with broccoli, sweet onion, and frozen mushrooms. I could’ve added some frozen bell pepper strips for color… but I didn’t.

First, I steamed the broccoli a bit to soften it up. After it was almost done, I put it in a bowl and, using the same pan, I sautéed the onion and mushrooms with a bit of cooking spray. While that was cooking, I put my tofu on the grill (sprayed with nonstick).


When the onion and mushrooms were done, I returned the broccoli to the pan and added the remaining tofu marinade; I cooked that another 2 minutes, then poured it over some brown rice.


The tofu was done in about 5 minutes (cooking times depend on the thickness of the tofu; mine was a bit less than a 1/2 inch thick). I put that on top of the rice and veggies and then dug in.


Super simple, quick, and tasty!



2 thoughts on “George Foreman Marinated Tofu

  1. Yum! We really only cook meat on our Foreman grill, but tofu sounds like another great protein to try. What’s the longest time that you’ve marinated tofu? I have a tendency to either forget about the marinading step or let it sit for too long… Silly me!

  2. It works pretty well, just make sure the tofu isn’t *too* thin, and it works better with larger pieces. (Make sure it’s extra firm a well, of course)
    The longest I’ve marinated mine was 3 hours, I know some people like to let it marinade longer, for me it depends what the marinade is, though. If I’m using a soy sauce heavy marinade, I don’t like to let it sit for more than an hour (otherwise, it gets too salty and strong for my liking). Usually, to be honest, I don’t plan ahead so I only marinade my tofu for about 10 minutes while I’m prepping other ingredients for a meal.

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