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Sriracha-Spiced Tofu “Fries”!

I was at a restaurant the other day where they had tofu fries on the menu. Instead of potatoes, they coated strips of tofu in breadcrumbs and popped them in the fryer, then served them with Sriracha ketchup. It sounded interesting, and after looking online, I found way too many variations of tofu “fries” that confirmed this was no new concept.

Tonight, I decided to give the idea a try. To keep things relatively healthy, though, I baked my fries and coated them with whole wheat panko instead of regular bread crumbs. I also just used the whites of an egg for the dredging process instead of a whole egg. To make my sticks slightly spicy, I threw in some Sriracha with the egg whites. I didn’t follow any recipe, so I wasn’t sure how these would turn out, but it seemed fairly simple.

I was a bit worried when the panko wouldn’t properly stick to the tofu, but luckily these still came out pretty tasty. I dipped my “fries” in a sauce I put together with a bit of light mayo, Sriracha, and lime juice. To be honest, I wouldn’t call these fries (hence the name “Spicy Baked Tofu Sticks”) but they were good nonetheless and I’d make them again!


Spicy Baked Tofu Sticks
You will need:
Extra firm tofu
Egg whites
Panko bread crumbs (I used whole wheat)

1. Preheat oven to 425F. Cut tofu into long pieces (they should resemble fries).
2. Drain your tofu as much as possible (I pressed mine using paper towels); the less liquid, the better this will work.


3. Dredge tofu (that means dip, basically) in a mixture of egg whites and Sriracha. For my single serving, I used about 2 tbsp egg whites and 1 tsp Sriracha (I had some left over).
4. After coating tofu in egg white/Sriracha mixture, roll each piece in panko bread crumbs. I find it’s easiest to use a small bowl for this.


5. Place sticks on a baking sheet covered in foil & lightly sprayed with nonstick.
6. Bake for 15 minutes, then flip over the sticks and bake another 15.

Optional: make a creamy and spicy dipping sauce using Greek yogurt or light mayo, Sriracha, and lime juice.



2 thoughts on “Sriracha-Spiced Tofu “Fries”!

    • It’s such a convenience, I’m going to really miss all my American go-to’s when I’m in London this summer! I used to just buy regular eggs (and still do), but having the carton of egg whites makes things so much easier, and I’m not wasting perfectly good egg yolks when I just want the whites of an egg. I have a friend who just buys whole eggs and separates them and keeps each part in separate containers, but that seems like a bit too much work for me, personally….

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