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Robin’s Baking Co. Original Energy Bar

I should start off this post by clarifying that I have never been in contact with Robin’s Baking Co, and as far as they know, I do not exist. This is not a paid review or anything like that, I just really enjoy their product!

Recently, I happened to be at a coffeeshop that was sold out of pastries (I know, terrifying!) and I spotted some mysterious oat bar things that looked intriguing as a possible alternative. The sign next to them simply said “Local, Organic Energy Bars!” along with the hefty price of $3.50. Not wanting to shell out $3.50 for a glorified Chewy bar, I stuck with my coffee.

And then, ten minutes later, my stomach started grumbling. So, I caved and handed over my cash.

As soon as I took a bite, I was pleasantly surprised (and considerably less sad about spending too much money on something I probably didn’t need). It wasn’t dry and bland, but peanut buttery and smooth and slightly soft and so good. How was this possible?! I’ve had my fair share of local and organic and vegan and everything in between baked goods, and while some of them are awesome, a lot of the healthy options are pretty disappointing. This? This was delicious.

Despite its small size, I also surprisingly found myself full for quite some time, enough to hold me over for dinner! Definitely more satisfying than any pastry would have been. And despite the peanut butter and chocolate and goodness, it was still better for me than any pastry option would have been.

Needless to say, I was impressed. I looked on the label and headed over to the company website to find out more.


Robin’s Baking Co. is based in the Edmonds area (just outside Seattle, Washington). Their website features three varieties of bars, but the location I’ve seen these at only had the original kind. To be honest, the website lacks some information I would like to know, like the nutritional information of the bar (while the ingredients are natural, it would be good to know if the bar is more than one serving, and how much sugar it has, for example). You can buy the bars (a 6 pack is $15) on the website or at a few coffee shops located around the Seattle area, which are all listed on the site. The bars aren’t vegan, but they have no added sugar, oil, butter, eggs, or flour.


If they were cheaper, I’d probably order some online. They’re that good! These would be a great grab-and-go breakfast or post workout snack. As far as energy/granola bars go, this is probably my favorite. I’ve never had one with such a great texture, and the dates help keep the whole thing just moist enough. I’ve bought them twice now and I’m a definite fan. They’re addicting!



If you live in the Seattle area, you can find the bars at Blue Saucer Cafe (Maple Leaf), The Bridge Cafe (Northgate), East West Bookshop, Green Lake Coffee House, Issaquah Coffee Company (Gilman Village), Walnut Street Coffee (Edmonds), and WiFIRE Coffee (South Whidbey). It would be great to see these in grocery stores at some point, too, although I’m not sure if the company has any desires or intentions to do so.





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