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Southern-Style Biscuits at the Wandering Goose

If you live in Seattle, you might be familiar with The Wandering Goose, a relatively new restaurant so small it’s easy to miss among all its other popular neighbors on 15th. Despite its size, the restaurant has managed to generate buzz over its awesome biscuits and baked goods and friday night Southern dinner service (on friday nights, they serve a $38 family-style feast that’s first come, first serve). I’ve driven or walked past the place on weekends and it’s always way too crowded for breakfast for me to want to brave the wait.


Yesterday, I made the trek over to 15th with a friend and we took advantage of the lack of a crowd at 2:30 pm. My first impression was…well, I got really hungry. Because it all looked and sounded really good. But the place is super cute inside, too. It’s admittedly a bit of a poor layout and there’s hardly any seating, but the decor and style inside is comfy and very Capitol Hill (in a good way, not in a swanky hipster way). The Wandering Goose is only open until 4 (except for the friday dinner), but there’s still a good mixture of breakfast and lunch options, whether you’re super hungry or just looking for something light. There are a bunch of biscuit sandwiches, including one with fried chicken, that sounded absolutely awesome. The cheapest sandwich was $4.25 for a biscuit, butter, and jam, but most other sandwiches were about $7-$8. To be honest, everything is overpriced, including the drinks. But for a once-in-a-while treat, I’m willing to pay a bit more.


I went with a sweet potato biscuit with jam, and I also got a side of collared greens (which were $5 for a pretty hearty portion). The biscuit was awesome. Crunchy and slightly crisp on the outside, moist and crumbly on the inside, and dense (but not too dense). The only thing that would have made it better would be if it were warm; since it was later in the day, I’m guessing it had been in the case since the morning. Even so, it was just what I was looking for. (I’ve had the biscuits at Oddfellows before, and this one reminded me a lot of theirs).


The collared greens were also great. I didn’t take a picture (whoops) but the portion was certainly enough for two to share. I wanted something savory to ¬†balance out the biscuit, and this hit the spot. There was just the right amount of apple cider vinegar taste, so you got a great kick without it being overpowering. There were also nice thick pieces of bacon throughout (sorry vegetarians).

The woman working there was also really friendly…something I always find refreshing in this neighborhood. We even got a free bunny-shaped sugar cookie because the ear broke off and she could no longer sell it! And yes, it was pretty tasty.

Really, the two downsides to the place are that it’s too small and expensive (a common theme in Capitol Hill). But food-wise, everything I had, while admittedly only a small part of the menu, was tasty. The only thing (like I mentioned) would have been that the biscuit would be much better warm. Would I go back? Yeah, I’m curious to try out some of the breakfast items now. Whether or not I’m willing to brave the line is yet to be seen.

The Wandering Goose is located at:
405 15th ave e seattle
7am-4 pm
dinner: friday at 7


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