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So, I finally went to Von Trapp’s…

I know, I know, I know…I’ve been severely slacking on my blogging duties 😦
It’s been a busy quarter so far, and I’ve also been required to run another blog for a strategic communications class. I also haven’t had (or made) any share-worthy meals recently…lots of quick & easy things and–although I hate to say it–fast food (lots of Hot Mama’s).
But tonight I *finally* made it to Von Trapp’s, so I figured that’s something worth blogging about, at least!

If you live around Capitol Hill, I’m sure you’ve seen the ridiculous long lines outside Von Trapp’s every weekend. Seriously, it’s insane…the place has been open over a month, and they’ve still got a crowd that’s willing to wait an hour (or more). And Von Trapp’s is huge. That’s a lot of people playing bocce ball and drinking beer.

Owned by the same people as Poquito’s and Bastille, Von Trapp’s advertises itself as Austrian/German/Bavarian cuisine with a wide selection of beers and bocce ball courts. So, a really fun beer hall. They’re family friendly, until after 10 pm. Oh, and there are two (three?) bars inside the place.

Here’s the thing: I love German food. I grew up loving sauerbraten and spaetzle and schnitzel. So admittedly, my standards for good, authentic German food are probably higher than the average person. With that in mind, I must admit I am left somewhat disappointed with Von Trapp’s menu. It’s less Authentic German, more Epcot German. Yeah, they’ve got bratwurst (and brockwurst), sauerbraten, and sides like red cabbage, but if you’re expecting your typical German restaurant menu, this isn’t it.

Before coming to Von Trapp’s, I’d heard the food was pretty mediocre. With that in mind, I stayed away from German classics and got…a burger. Yeah, I know. Lame. But it sounded good, and it wasn’t $18 like the sauerbraten is. And hey, I got red cabbage instead of fries on the side, so I figured at least *something* would be “German”.

The best thing about the burger was the pretzel bun. Other than that, it was hard to eat, the burger meat itself was kinda dry, and it was just okay. Nothing spectacular. Same goes for the cabbage.


A bad picture, taken on my phone.

Maybe I was mildly disappointed because I came in with the expectation of that happening. I dunno, but I do know I’m not the first to be less-than-excited about the food.

On the plus side, the beer selection is pretty extensive, and they had some fancy-schmancy looking beer cocktails on the menu as well. Will I be back any time soon? No, but next time I want to play bocce ball, I know where to go.


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