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Portland: Day Two

Day two of my Portland mini-vacation kicked off with a late brunch at Mother’s. Super cute decor, and the smell alone was enough to make the 45 minute wait well worth it. One of their specialties is a cornflake crusted french toast that sounded (and looked) super delicious, but I stuck with something savory and opted for a scramble with chicken apple sausage, garlic, tomato, and provolone. The scramble came with toast and breakfast potatoes that were literally perfect. And no, I’m not just saying that because I was insanely hungry.

20130427_133219 20130427_133222

After brunch, my friend took me to Hawthorne to go shopping. There were a lot of cool restaurants and shops there, including House of Vintage, which was pretty much heaven for someone who likes thrift stores as much as I do. We also grabbed nachos during happy hour at Cha!Cha!Cha!, which is a local taqueria chain.

20130427_160103 20130427_160245

For dinner, my friend’s parents took us to Little Bird. It was small and cozy inside (complete with an awesome tin tiled roof and antlers on the walls) and the menu is pretty traditional French cuisine. For my entree, I had the roasted chicken breast, which came with spaetzle and mushrooms and peas. The chicken was so juicy– definitely the best I’ve had in a long time. My friend got the steak frites for her entree, and while we both ultimately agreed that we liked the skirt steak at Ox a bit better, the rub on the meat at Little Bird was excellent, and the meat was nice and tender. One of the only slightly-disappointing things at Little Bird was the portion size of the appetizers and desserts– they were all delicious, but not everything was very shareable.

20130427_212029 20130427_221618

After dinner, we went to karaoke at Voicebox. I haven’t done karaoke (other than at my high school graduation night and at friends’ houses) before, so it was a really fun way to spend the last night of the trip. On the way home, we also made an obligatory stop at Voodoo Donuts. I’m not going to lie, the place was cool inside and there was an awesome selection of flavors, but I’ve had a lot of better donuts in my life before. I got the Captain Crunch topped one and the voodoo doll donut (chocolate frosting and raspberry filling). It was fun to try them and be able to say I’ve had Voodoo donuts, but it was kind of underwhelming. Maybe it’s because back home in California, we have Psycho Donuts in Campbell, which is essentially a rip-off of Voodoo…except I think their donuts taste better (sorry, Portland!).


This morning, we got up way too early to head back to Seattle. This was an awesome weekend, and I look forward to visiting Portland again in the future, but for now, I am really looking forward to catching up on some sleep.

Milkshake compliments of an obligatory pitstop at Burgerville on our way back to Seattle.

Milkshake compliments of an obligatory pitstop at Burgerville on our way back to Seattle.


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