How I failed the Sambazon 3-day Juice Cleanse.

Alright, so I’ve been eating pretty poorly these past few months, and with my insanely busy schedule this quarter, I haven’t had as much time to exercise. And yes, it shows. So last time I was at Costco, I was a bit intrigued when I saw a $16 3-day juice cleanse in the refrigerated section. After looking it up online and reading a few reviews, I decided I might as well give it a go– after all, $16 is pretty ridiculously cheap for a juice cleanse that you buy pre-made, and I figured it would be a simple way to kickstart eating healthy again.

The cleanse is made by Sambazon, which is a brand most people know for their acai juice products. (Cleanse link) As far as I know, you can only buy the cleanse juice set at Costco.

The package comes with three juices and a small booklet with meal suggestions. According to the booklet, you are supposed to drink 10oz of each juice once a day, in addition to small vegan meals. So yeah, it’s not really a true juice fast. However, many people online stuck to just the juice for the three days and skipped any solid meals. I decided to drink just the juice, and eat additional fruits (apples) or a few almonds if I was totally hungry.

So, day 1 was off to a good start. The first juice is essentially a cayenne pepper lemonade, and it’s surprisingly really good. Amazingly, it also kept me fuller than I expected. The juice for lunch was a kale cucumber blend, also not bad. A few hours after lunch, I was still hungry though, so I had half an apple. The third juice is almost like a chocolate soymilk– it’s got nuts in it, and is slightly sweet. I had that around 5, before heading off to work. At work, I managed to hold off eating, but did have a bit of borscht during my dinner break (I figured it was better than dumplings). So, day 1 wasn’t ideal, but it could’ve gone worse.

Day 2 was when things went downhill. I was hungry, all day. All food sounded good. I did the juice at breakfast, and the juice at lunch. And then I had work, which is when the problems started. I brought my third juice with me and intended to have it during my dinner break. Then, my boss offered me some chocolate. Then, I had some potato dumplings, and carrot salad. Juice cleanse? What juice cleanse?

Oh yeah, and I grabbed a muffin on the way home.

Day 3 is today, and I’ve yet to touch my juices. I did, however, have a breakfast of chicken pho, followed by some cinnamon alphabet cookies. So, I think it’s safe to say I failed the juice cleanse. Which is pretty pathetic, since it was only for three days. I’ll drink the rest of the juice tomorrow, but I’m a failure nonetheless.

So here’s what I learned from this:
1. My schedule is too busy right now.
2. I have developed awful cravings for bad foods.
3. Loosing weight is a long process and there shouldn’t be a quick fix.

On the plus side, the juices tasted great. I needed to do this during a time where I had less obligations/access to real food at work. Who knows, maybe I’ll try again in a few weeks. In the meantime, I should probably just start eating better. Baby steps…


7 thoughts on “How I failed the Sambazon 3-day Juice Cleanse.

  1. So glad to see I was not the only one who failed this cleanse. I think I may have to do the no solid food thing with it…even the hint of food made me want more. Not only that, but the recipes they have suggested had a lot of sugar in them?! Potatoes, beets, blood oranges? Missing protein…anyhoo…I have a second pack in the fridge, ready to go…but I’m not ready. :/

    • I agree, the recipes they suggested didn’t seem like they were very good for a “cleanse”. And there certainly wasn’t enough protein…if I were to do it again (and I might, once this quarter of school is over), I’ll probably stick to the juice and supplement it with almonds and egg white veggie scrambles.

    • I am on day one right now of this, and I am full to the brim from both the mid-morning snack and lunch. Yes it has sugars in it, but they are all natural, unprocessed, unrefined sugars. It is not missing ANY protein, which is contained in the quinoa, kale, beet greens, almonds, soy milk in the chocolate drink, and tofu. Not usually a fan of soy due to my family breast cancer history, but I can deal with it for three days. I think trying to do this without the meals and liquid courage is doomed for failure cause those drinks are NOT enough to sustain someone used to a 1500 calorie diet. It also weans you down slowly, which seems more healthy to me. I usually do 5 day cleanses and juice fasts, we’ll see how this one goes. I have done several in the past 10 yrs or so, and the 2nd day is ALWAYS the hardest as you go thru sugar withdrawals. Keeping that in mind and knowing the 3rd day provides you the best mental clarity, helps me thru it.

  2. I enjoyed reading the article, but “loosing” is an annoying new trend in the Internet world that I wish would die a quick death.
    Losing. Losing. Losing.
    Loosing? No such word.

  3. Did it, loved it.. Found the recipes to be absolutely delicious and will incorporate the recipes into my meals. The drinks were fabulous. I am thinking of doing it once again as it was so yummy and easy! I lost 2.5 pounds which was a plus!

    I recommend eating the food to avoid failure..

  4. This is a vegan cleanse. There won’t be much protein. There are nuts, tofu and quinoa on the plan though. The meals aren’t meant to be suggestions but they are to be used in conjunction with the juice. They have options of liquid meals if someone wants to really be radical but it isn’t meant as a total liquid diet.

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